Game Hosting

  • Up to 32 GB ram for your server!
  • Starting from $ 1 per Month
  • Free Databases and Backups
  • DDoS Protection Included

HellaHost Best quality as the lowest price!


Shared Hosting

$ 10 /Annual
$ 1 /Monthly
  • 30GB SSD Disk
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Unlimited Cron & FTP
  • Unlimited Trafic
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Best Choise

Game Server

$ 0 /Annual
$ 0 /Monthly
  • 2 Cpu Cores
  • 2 Gb Ram
  • 10GB SSD Disk
  • Minecraft
  • Free Backups
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$ 550 /Annual
$ 50 /Monthly
  • 10 Cpu Core
  • 64 Gb Ram
  • 500GB SSD Disk
  • 100 mbit/s + AntiDDoS
  • Location: Turkey
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HellaHost Quick overview


A small description of the services we provide.

Own control panel
Give you full control for your website.
Any site hosted on HellaHost is equipped with its own, unique control panel. It has everything for comfortable and efficiency administration of your website.
  • Auto WordPress/DLE/XenForo and other installation.
  • Powerful web file manager included for all.
  • Instant creation of a hosting account.
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Fast NVME disks
For all your websites and databases
To ensure the fastest loading of your site, we host it on NVME disks with a read speed of 1.5 GB/s
  • NVME Disks included for any hosting plans.
  • RAID 10 arrays for save your files.
  • Zero latency for reads.
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Powerful AntiDDos
and AntiBot protection.
Every tarif include a Powerful Anti DDos and Anti Bot protection as 24/7 for immediately preventing an attack on your website.
  • All server included 480 Gbit/s OVH Anti-DDoS.
  • Connection speed for any servers up to 10 Gbit/s
  • Custom Anti Bot System block spam and other trash on your site.
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Disk usage limiting and
additional modules are available.
You yourself can install or uninstall such libraries as FFMpeg, Java, etc. without contacting support. And limit disk space for any your websites.
  • You may to limit disk space for any your websites.
  • Yours will not have to wait for an answer.
  • You get a full controll for your website.
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Cheap and Free!
With us, you can cheaply host your game project, minecraft project, or use our free tariffs if you are not ready to pay for hosting a minecraft game server.
  • All servers protected from DDoS attack.
  • Have a Free tarifs for all who don't want to pay for server.
  • It's really cheap, price for server starting about 0.5$ per month.
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No limits on slots, etc.
You pay for resources, CPU and RAM. We do not set any limits on the number of slots and plugins, as much as you want, and bet as much!
  • DDoS protection included in any tarif
  • Tarif price starting from 3$ per month for 4Gb RAM.
  • Yours does not need to take a large tariff right away, you may to upgrade it later.
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Slots limits - No. Tickrate limits - No. Slots limits - No. Addan limits - No. Minimum ping - Yes. DDoS protection - Yes. Low cost - Yes.
  • Place in best world datacenters.
  • No limits, it's realy your server!
  • Price for tarifs starting from 1$ per month.
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Comming Soon...
This game is currently unavailable, subscribe to our Facebook so as not to miss when it will be possible host this game. Or if don't want wait, use VPS or Dedicated server.
  • DDos protection for all servers.
  • No limits for on slots/plugins and others.
  • Cheap price.
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Turkey VPS
Great VPS for low price.
A VPS server in Turkey is perfect for hosting a web application, website, as well as a game server on it due to the large amount of RAM.
  • DataCenter: EQUINIX IL2
  • AntiDDoS: Yes
  • Price from 5$ per month.
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France VPS
Best AntiDDoS protection!
When buying a server in this location, you can not be afraid of almost any small DDoS attacks, since your server will be located in the OVH data center, one of the most protected in Europe.
  • DataCenter: OVH
  • AntiDDoS: OVH GAME
  • Price from 10$ per month.
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Deutshcland VPS
Great Power as low price!
VPS server placed in one of biggest datacenters in Europe. This servers natively don't have ddos protection, if you good administrator, then you don't have problem how made it by cloudflare or others services.
  • DataCenter: Hetzner
  • AntiDDoS: Wery Weakly
  • Price from 10$ per month.
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Russian VPS
The cheapest VPS servers in the world!
Cheap doesn't mean bad. In this case, it is. For a minimal cost, you get a powerful VPS server with high-quality DDoS protection..
  • DataCenter: DataCheap
  • AntiDDoS: Yes
  • Price from 1.5$ per month.
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Moscow Dedicated Servers
Not just a city!
A great place for residents of Europe or the Western part of Russia. This location has high-quality protection against DDoS attacks, as well as delicious prices =)
  • DataCenter: HellaHost[MSK]
  • DDoS protection: 250 Gbit/s
  • Price from 25$ per month
Comming Soon...
Saint-Petersburg Dedicated Servers
Create great!
A great place for residents of Europe or the Western part of Russia. This location has best protection against DDoS attacks, as well as great prices =)
  • DataCenter: HellaHost[SPB]
  • DDoS protection: 500 Gbit/s
  • Price from 10$ per month
Comming Soon...
Saratov Dedicated Servers
Only together we will do better!
A great place for most cities of Russia. Low ping and low price make this location an excellent choice.
  • DataCenter: HellaHost[SRO]
  • DDoS protection: 50 Gbit/s
  • Price from 5$ per month
Comming Soon...
Tyumen' Dedicated Servers
The place where the path begins...
This place is great for all cities in Russia. Here you find the lowest ping and excellent ddos protection, as well as the lowest server costs..
  • DataCenter: HellaHost[TMN]
  • DDoS protection: 150 Gbit/s
  • Price from 5$ per month
Comming Soon...
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